Monday, May 10, 2010

Pinferno IV Registration Opens Today...

hey all-

registration for NYC's most fun, and competitive pinball tournament,
'Pinferno IV', opens today, monday may 10th.. the tourney will be held
saturday, june 12th at reciprocal nyc..

the first 32 people to bring $20 to reciprocal nyc will be registered
for the day's event...

many of you are already quite familiar with the format of the event,
but for those who aren't..

pinferno is an all day event... the $20 fee gets you both, entry, and
also a super-rad custom t-shirt, designed by none other than ian byers
himself.. competition kicks off at noon on the dot.. everyone who is
registered plays from this time, until approximately 6pm. the 16
highest point-holders then go on to round II to battle in a bracket-
style elimination round, until only one man is left standing, and
crowned 'grand champion' of pinferno IV. if you make it to this finals
round (round II), anticipate being here til about 10pm'ish.. all
results are then submitted to the IFPA world pinball player rankings..

the shop is located at 402 e. 11th street, nyc, 10009

anyone is welcome to register, regardless of skill level..